For over 10 years, the Swedish Internet Foundation, since assuming the duties of the .NU registry, has required that all Swedish registrants of .NU domain names provide their "personnummer", or personal ID number.  This is a government issued number, issued by the government of Sweden, used for Tax identification and other purposes. It is also on all government issued IDs and Passports in Sweden. In short, the .NU registry requires that the identity of all registrants is valid and can be confirmed through government databases.

Recently, the .NU registry has extended this requirement from just residents of Sweden to all residents of any country and applies to all .NU and .SE domain names.

Note that this requirement only applies if the domain name is registered to an individual. If the domain is registered to a corporation, then a corporate ID number or organization number should be provided instead.

A partial listing of some terminology used for your Personal ID Number:

Brazil: CPF number

Canada: BN number

Denmark: CPR number

Japan: Individual Number/Kojin Bangō

Netherlands: BSN number

Norway: National Identity Number

Spain: DNI number

Sweden: Personnummer

United States: Social Security, driver's license, or passport number.

Other terms may be used in other countries.

Please make sure that your Personal ID number is provided in your contact details under the ID number field.

In order to conform with strict privacy laws, all personal data, including Personal ID Number, remains completely private and is not returned for whois lookups.


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Monday, June 17, 2024

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