Select your shared hosting cPanel plan

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  • cPanel DNS only

    Nu bestellen
    • Custom DNS Only

      For customers that will host

      their website and email elsewhere

      but need DNS capability

      Max 50 Subdomains

      Up to 5 Email users

      No FTP
  • Starter Hosting

    Nu bestellen
    • 500 MB Storage

      1 GB Bandwidth

      Max 50 Subdomains

      Max 1 Parked Domain

      Up to 10 Email Users

      1 FTP Account

      Ideal for Email and Simple Website or parked domain
  • Hosting Plus

    Nu bestellen
    • Includes 1 free domain name w/ 1st yr free

      1 GB Storage

      5 GB Bandwidth

      Max 100 Subdomains

      Max 50 Parked Domain

      Max 50 Add-on Domains

      Up to 100 Email Users

      5 FTP Accounts

      Good for Wordpress and other

      Standard web solutions
  • Business Hosting

    Nu bestellen
    • Includes 1 free domain name w/ free renewal every year

      10 GB Storage

      Unlimited Bandwidth

      Unlimited Subdomains

      Unlimited Parked Domain

      Unlimited Add-on Domains

      Unlimited Email Users

      Unlimited FTP Accounts

      Professional solution for all needs

      Ideal for eCommerce websites