Domain expiration grace period for .NU

Other conditions apply for other Top Level Domains

If you choose not to renew your .NU domain name at the end of its registration period, or if you have disabled automatic renewal of your .NU domain name, the following life cycle timetable will be in effect for your .NU domain name.

Summary: You may manually or automatically renew your .NU at any time up to its date of expiration. It will remain online for 10 days after expiration, during which time you may still renew it. After these 10 days, if the domain is not renewed, it is deactivated and taken offline. It then enters a 60 grace period, during which time you may still request that it be renewed.  If, after the total of 70 days past expiration, it has still not been renewed; it will no longer be recoverable. It is removed from your control and enters a mandatory off-limits, quarantine period of 7 days during which time is it not renewable. At the conclusion of the 7 day quarantine, the domain will be released for general registration by any party on a first-come, first-served basis.

The .NU registry does not allow any exception to this policy.

Example: Conditions for the following example: The domain name’s expiry date is July 2 2013.

  • The final date on which a manual renewal can be carried out before the domain name expires is July 1. If a renewal is not carried out before that the domain name expires and is assigned the status “Expired” for 10 days, until July 11.
  • If a renewal is still not carried out, the domain name is deactivated on July 11 (status “Deactivated”). This entails that the domain name is not included in the zone file. This means, for example, that the website and e-mail addresses connected with the domain name will stop functioning. However, it is entirely possible to restore the domain name during the deactivation period.
  • After a 60-day deactivation period, the domain name is deregistered and quarantined (status “Quarantine”). The domain name can then no longer be renewed or restored, but must instead be re-registered. However, re-registration can only take place after the end of the quarantine period.
  • The domain name is released for new registration 7 days later.

To see the list of recently expired domain names and when they will be released, please visit  If your domain is listed there but you wish to keep it, please renew your domain name as soon as possible or contact us directly at


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