Webrouter Email and URL forwarding

Webrouter Email and URL forwarding

To use our free webrouter email forwarding and web URL forwarding service, first access your my.nudomain.nu client area and make sure that the following the name servers are assigned to your domain:


Any other names servers (such as hostcontrol.org or hostcontrol.com servers) should be removed, so that your domain only has ns1.webrouter.nu and ns2.webrouter.nu name servers listed.  This ensures that the webrouter forwarding services are in effect.

Once these  webrouter  name servers are in place, you will then see "Domain Forwarders" and "Email Forwarders" options under the "Domain Management" section of your domain name.

Domain and Email Forwarding Area

You can use these to configure domain web/url forwards and email address forwards for your domain.

Use the "Domain Forwarders" section for configuring URL forwarding

Use the "Email Forwarders" section for adding email forwards to your domain.

Note that it can take up to a few hours for any changes made to propagate to the internet at large.

This configuration process can be very confusing and we will be happy configure this for you or to migrate your legacy InstantWeb email or URL forwarding for you.  Just drop us a support ticket.

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