Government issued ID number required for all .NU customers.

For over 10 years, the Swedish Internet Foundation, since assuming the duties of the .NU registry, has required that all Swedish registrants of .NU domain names provide their "personnummer", or personal ID number.  This is a government issued number, issued by the government of Sweden, used for Tax identification and other purposes. It is also on ... Читать далі »

17th Jun 2024
.NU and .SE registry maintenance complete

Scheduled technical maintenance at the .NU and .SE registry is complete; all registry services are back up and running normally.


16th May 2024
.NU transactions offline for schedule maintenance

.NU and .SE registrations and renewals are currently offline due to scheduled maintenance.

Your renewal or registration order will remain in queue and be processed when the registry is back online.




15th May 2024
.NU and .SE Registry experiencing intermittent outage

The .NU and .SE register is currently reporting: We have an ongoing operational disruption which, among other things, affects the "Search domain" function, EPP and may mean that changes in the domain name system may take longer than usual before they take effect. Vi har en pågående driftstörning som bland annat berör funktionen "Sök ledig ... Читать далі »

29th Jan 2024
Host04 login issues resolved.

The cPanel login problems that some users were experiencing with have been resolved.  Host maintainance is complete.


31st Jul 2023
Scheduled downtime complete

Scheduled maintainance is complete and is online. We are currently performing testing on the server.  Web and email services should be working again.

If you have any problems with any of your services on, please contact us at

29th Jul 2023
Scheduled server downtime Saturday July 28

Server is scheduled to be offline beginning Saturday, July 28, 2023 at 12:00 noon Eastern Daylight (New York) Time for maintanance for no more than one hour. This corresponds to 18:00 to 19:00 Stockholm time. This downtime will impact customer services for those customers who are using this server for their website or email ... Читать далі »

28th Jul 2023
Hostcontrol Name Servers Being Decommissioned

Legacy hostcontrol name servers will be taken offline 10 January, 2022. If your domain name is still configured to use hostcontrol name servers, please open a support ticket in your client area requesting DNS migration to either our InstantDNS service or, if your domain is using a more complex set of DNS records, our cPanel-based DNS Only hosting ... Читать далі »

6th Jan 2023
Amendments of Terms and Conditions of registration applicable for the top-level domain .se and .nu.

The Terms and Conditions is the agreement that applies to all domain name holders and revised Terms and Conditions will enter into force on January 2, 2023. As a domain holder, you need to read through the new Terms and Conditions but you don´t have to do anything to maintain your domain name, the domain name registration is not affected. If ... Читать далі »

29th Dec 2022
Villkorsändring av Registreringsvillkor gällande toppdomänen .se respektive .nu

Villkorsändring av Registreringsvillkor gällande toppdomänen .se Registreringsvillkor gällande toppdomänen .nu Registreringsvillkoren är det avtal som gäller för samtliga innehavares domännamn och ändrade Registreringsvillkor träder i kraft den 2 januari 2023.  Som domännamnsinnehavare behöver du läsa igenom de nya ... Читать далі »

29th Dec 2022